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st9 1The guest house Nikonov is situated on the first floor of the Nikonov's tenement building, one of the very few being still occupied. The house has been built by the architect Nikolay nikonov in 1899, and restored in 2011 after a fire.


Windows of our rooms overlook the coutryard, which pleases the eye separate decorations. For example, only five-floor Tower is visible from the courtyard of yellow brick.

The style to which the house 11 on Kolokolnaya Street belongs is considered to be Neorussian. Plaster furnish, naked blickwork and multi-colored tiles scattered by individual spots. In the front of the house there are columns. Also survived hipped roof. And innovative features combined with polychrome ceramics give the facades the variety and attractiveness. The interior of the house no less exquisitely preserved here the stained glass and elements of the old stucco.

The house was included in the unified state register of cultural heritage sites of regional significance. 
We tried to make our interior conform to the mood and style of the building and the historical center of the city. Welcom to the living history of the Northern capital!


Apartment house Nikonov

Full name:  apartment house Nikonova N. N. The building is included in the Unified state register of objects of cultural heritage (monuments of history and culture) of people of the Russian Federation as the object of cultural heritage of regional significance.

Address:  Kolokolnaya st., 11

Architect: Nikolay Nikonov

Year of construction: 1899-1900

Style: Neorussian